About Joey

We make intuitive, well-designed products built for real family life. You know, the mess. The toys. The snacks. (So many snacks!) The laughter. The tears. (So many tears!) The impromptu singing, the impromptu spit-up. The happy chaos! It all happens. We support families on their journey, wherever they are, and we enable parents to focus on, well, parenting.

Let's enjoy the ride, shall we?

5 Questions with


Tiffany Ramachandran

Why did you start Joey?

As a parent of three young children, I was often let down by the quality and short shelf life of kids gear quickly filling my house. I saw an opportunity to provide a better way for our family to go out and experience the world. I envisioned building a brand with high quality and beautifully designed products that offered parents a combination of versatility and functionality. I combined my past ecommerce and product development experiences with my modern parent mentality to create Joey.

How did you come up with the name?

As a new mom I had no clue if I was getting any of this parenting stuff right. I questioned everything I was doing, everything stressed me out, and all I wanted and needed was to be hugged –– like a marsupial carrying her young in a pouch. A hug makes everything better.

Five places you’ve taken your Joey:

To the zoo, the farmers' market, the picnic, Target, and the botanical gardens.

Five things you didn’t know you could do in a Joey?

  • Serve a meal on wheels.
  • Go on a pretend safari tour through the garden.
  • Relay race with other Joey wagons!
  • Pretend you’re in a rocket ship about to blast off.
  • Haul birthday presents.

What are you most proud of?

Raising kind, good humans and watching them blossom into their own people.